Your guide to getting on the fast track

Summer baseball from May to July marks a crucial phase for my hitters. This period serves as a time for maintenance and application, allowing players to put a period on another learning phase before transitioning to the Assessment Phase, which runs from August to October.

During the summer, teams are actively competing across various levels:

  • Recreation Teams participate in local tournaments.
  • All-Star Teams compete statewide and regionally.
  • Travel Teams face off nationally and internationally.

One of the significant differences between these levels of competition lies in the players’ ability to make quick adjustments and consistently replicate their success. Travel Teams, being the elite, excel in this area.

While these players are not ready for Major League Baseball just yet, the top Travel Team players are undoubtedly on the fast track to the MLB.

From my experience in coaching and scouting, I have observed that top-level high school-age Travel Ball pitchers can repeat their delivery and command their pitches about 40-50% of the time. This consistency is critical because if an opposing hitter cannot replicate their swing 40-50% of the time, they will struggle to compete effectively.

Competition at any level means being equally matched, pushing each other toward excellence. But simply sharing a common trait, such as height, does not equate to equal competition—for example, I am no competition for a 6-foot 2-inch NBA basketball player just because we are the same height.

Therefore, this summer, regardless of the level at which you are competing, take note of what you need to improve for the upcoming year from August to May.

Use the Assessment Phase from August to October to experiment with new techniques, determining what works and what doesn’t. This approach will set the foundation for continued growth and success in the sport.

Embrace the summer season as a time to solidify your skills and prepare for the next chapter. Remember, each phase is a stepping stone toward achieving excellence in baseball.