Your Ambassadors

The L.E.A.D. coaching staff just completed our 2011 Ambassadors selections.  This was the toughest selection in three years.  We increased our participation for our fall Legacy League from 30 in 2009 to 60 in 2010.  The increase produced several viable prospects on and off the field.
Traditionally, we select 18 Ambassadors from Atlanta Public Schools, Dekalb and South Fulton.  This year, we selected 20 Ambassadors and I am excited to get started.  We will begin off season training in January but the remainder of November and December is packed with some awesome service opportunities.
We will launch our Dollar Drive on November 22.  Each Ambassador will have a sheet paper with 20 reasons why someone should give them $1.  My goal is for the Ambassadors to raise over $500.  We will donate money to the Salvation Army and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta before Christmas.  In January, we will begin our winter workouts with Major Leaguers such as Jason Heyward, Bobby Scales and Dexter Fowler along with minor league prospects such as Tim Beckham, Xavier Avery and Kyle Parker.  The Ambassadors will also be heavily involved with training middle school Leaders in January and February in preparation for their spring season which will consist of 90 players from 6 APS middle schools.
The Ambassadors will compete for their high school teams from March to May followed by a rigorous summer Ambassadors season that will include competition against several of the top travel programs in the country.  They will be exposed to over 200 college scouts during the summer of 2011.
Atlanta, I hope that you are ready for L.E.A.D. to unveil the 2011 Ambassadors of this great city on Sunday, November 21st.  We are committed to representing this city with excellence in Academics, Athletics, Service/Civic Engagement and Exposure.