Wise souls

Spending time with my grandmother today gave me a boost of energy. Like most grandmothers, mine is the foundation of our family.  She is filled with so much wisdom and positive energy.

She never saw me play in a baseball game but she was always my biggest fan. We have a large family and grandma couldn’t be everywhere at once.   I knew that I could always go to her for money to buy Nike cleats when my mom wouldn’t buy them.  Lol!  She always found something for me to do around the house to earn the money though.

I’m older now and she was there to watch me be ordained as a deacon.  Her being there on that occassion meant more to me than seeing me hit a homerun.  She has also been present at several L.E.A.D. functions.  I remind her that I serve others now because I was inspired by her as a child.

A kiss on the cheek and a “job well done” from grandma is what I needed today.  L.E.A.D. will continue to move in the right direction with the prayers of wise souls like my grandmother.