Wide eyes

Wider eyes mean that you can see more. On Saturday, March 5th, L.E.A.D. trained over 90 student/athletes from six of our partner schools (Parks, Young, King, Kennedy, Sylvan Hills and B.E.S.T. Academy) at my DiamondDirectors.com indoor training facility in Marietta. The rain didn’t let up outside on Saturday and there was no way that we could let our student/athletes down by not having baseball practice.

With one phone call to the APS Athletic Department, we had six buses at six middle schools in inner city Atlanta coming up I-75 to receive an amazing baseball experience. Each young man made the unforced commitment to wake up and get on the bus. That made me so proud as the bus drivers called and said, “We are on the way Mr. Stewart!”

Our guests came in and were welcomed by Kelli and I along with some of our executive board and advisory board members. Kerwin Giles, our Middle School Baseball Director provided a comprehensive training program that focused on kinesthetic, visual and auditory learning. The practice schedule was executed by our Ambassadors as well as each school’s coaching staff.

You should have seen how wide the eyes were of each student/athlete looking around at the 30,000+ square foot baseball training facility. They were amazed at all of the baseball specific equipment that they had access to paid for by their service in the community, commitment to academic excellence as well as commitment to L.E.A.D.’s mission and values.

Their wide eyes have now seen. Now they can dream. Their dreams of using baseball to access college can come true as long as they continue to follow our L.E.A.D.