Who’s head?

Getting ahead gets in your head.
Hard to move forward when you can’t measure the stride.

I’m alive but am I getting ahead.
Who owns the compass?

The body can move without the head.
If it moves forward, is it getting ahead without The Head?

My state of confusion is in my head.
One day I feel that I’m moving ahead but is it enough movement to celebrate?

Your words concentrate me and remind me that it’s not too late.
I go backwards when I try to use my head instead of You being The Head.

But going backwards ain’t really bad.
On your back you are still and can see others get ahead.
I’m a visual learner.
Your friends will come back for you.

I want to get ahead to bring others.
If I use my head we will all suffer.

Life is learning and moving is getting ahead when You are The Head.

On set for ESPN E:60 interview