When winning is difficult

My 13 year old daughter Mackenzi is an amazing tennis player and I am so proud of her. While watching her win here tennis match today, I was giving thought to the process of winning.

Mackenzi with Georgia Tech sophomore Chris Eubanks

We all want to win and winning is difficult.

It is difficult to win when fear is your friend.

Depending on your long term goal, short term losses help you win in the end. Small battles must be won before winning the war.

Mackenzi’s Perspective

If I’m afraid then I’m not allowing myself to be human and make mistakes.

It is difficult to win when your attitude changes like the wind.

The wind is the movement of air. You can’t see it but you can feel it. A bad attitude can be seen and felt and unfortunately it is cancerous when it spreads.

Mackenzi’s Perspective

When my attitude is bad, it usually means that my confidence is low and I’m insecure about one of the parts of my game. But even still, on the bad days, I have to remind myself to keep my head up because nothing good comes from a bad attitude. Ever.

It is difficult to win when you choose to break rather than bend.

When training, I get my clients to a place of discomfort and then build their skills because they are forced to mentally focus more. We can learn to do anything including how to not quit.

Mackenzi’s Perspective

You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.