When Atlanta youth fail, there is money to be made and this is how

L.E.A.D. serves 160 LEADers in our Middle School Character Development League. It costs $73,000 annually to incarcerate a juvenile in the state of Georgia. $73,000 x 160 = $11,680,000 per year to “lock up” 160 juveniles. Somebody is making a lot of money off of the failure of kids. 

L.E.A.D. Signing Day 2013 at Charles Harper-Sam Archer Middle School

Play with the numbers of lives to increase the revenue (For example $73,000 x … = …). There are approximately 26,000 African-American males in the Atlanta Public School system and according to the statistics, 60% of them will not graduate from high school. When I do the math on my iPhone of $73,000 x 26,000 AA males it gives me a funny number but I know it is a TON of cash that is being made!

L.E.A.D. Middle School Signing Day 2013 at Walter L. Parks Middle School

Click here to check out L.E.A.D.’s IMPACT STATS at LEAD2Legacy.org. It costs L.E.A.D. $3,500 annually to keep an inner city Atlanta African-American male on track to graduate from high school and enroll into college. We continue to base our success on numbers. We can either be a part of the problem or the solution. Just my thought. Please share this thought with your network and I would like your thoughts as well. 

Your thoughts?