What a day!

What a perfect day. My daughters woke me up with laughter and my wife is still her beautiful self. The first thing on my mind as I realize that I’m alive to see another day is thank you Lord. God granted me life today to serve others.

I’ve been passionate about serving others since I can remember. I enjoyed opening the doors for people as a kid and got great pleasure out of hearing people tell me thank you.

My purpose on earth is to serve others. I’m passionate about it. It’s what keeps me going when I’m reaching physical and mental fatigue. People counting on me feels way better than hitting home runs in my Chicago Cubs uniform.

Do you remember what happened on this day November 20th last year? L.E.A.D. officially announced our 18 Ambassadors to the City of Atlanta. This young men are students within the Atlanta Public School System and confessed change agents. Like me, they aren’t perfect but they ain’t afraid of excellence.

They face an uphill battle everyday in their communities due to high crime rates and low graduation rates among African-American males. But on November 20th 2012, Councilman Julian Bond declared November 20th through perpetuity as CJ Stewart and L.E.A.D. Day on behalf of the citizens of Atlanta. C’mon man! We have our own day recognizing our commitment to excellence in academics, athletics, service and exposure. Impact is so important to L.E.A.D. that we measure it.

L.E.A.D. provides the City of Atlanta with over 2,500 hours of service annually and we would like for you to join us. Click here to join our Tailgate Club.

Happy Thanksgiving!