Two eyes aren’t enough

How do poor students in Atlanta view success?  Do they see hope and a promising future the same way that my daughter does who will enter the Westminster School in the fall as a fifth grader?
I was born and raised in the inner city of Atlanta and had both parents in the house.  My parents worked really hard to provide everything that I needed but we still had our share of financial struggles.  I remember my mom always telling me that I could be anything that I wanted to be in life with hard work and hanging around the right people.
The right people that she talked to me about often times were my teachers at Grove Park Elementary School in the Atlanta Public School System.  Mrs. Jacobs, Mrs. Weems, Mr. Flynn, Mrs. Blue, Principal Jones and many others helped my family to raise me to become a good fearing servant of others.
God blessed me with two eyes but I was blessed to have great mentors around me that allowed me to use their eyes as well.  They provided a culture of accountability, excellence and achievement every day that I walked into the school.  Becoming successful was just as easy as breathing air as long as I followed their lead.
A promising future will be difficult to see with only two eyes.  I charge you today to find young adults that you can mentor and let them see life from your eyes.