Time for a good time

This has been a great vacation and much needed for the Stewart family.

My time in Orlando has allowed me to hear the laughter of my daughters as they swim in pool.  We go throughout the day without a set schedule and I use my iPhone mostly for photo taking.  We haven’t seen Mickey at Disney yet but he looks good in our Braves gear.

Being here makes me realize that I needed a timeout.  When you love what you do, the last thing that you want is a break from it. I love baseball and I love L.E.A.D. and it has been good to charge the batteries back up under the hot Florida sun.

Time down here will be used to appreciate one another in the Stewart house.  The girls can scream as loud as they want to and stay up really late.  They deserve it.  Kelli has been able to get some good rest and that makes me happy because she wears her cape everyday back home.  I’m simply enjoying the ability to wear sandals and my Ambassadors visor.

It’s Friday and our time is almost up.  Headed back to the ATL on Sunday and ready to work on Monday. In the meantime, my batteries aren’t fully charged yet.  We miss y’all and we are having a good time.