This is why you should want to meet the Ambassadors this Saturday

An Ambassador is an authorized representative or messenger.  A L.E.A.D. Ambassador is the highest level of accomplishment within the L.E.A.D. organization.  L.E.A.D. provides at-risk inner city youth males with access to higher education and civic engagement through baseball.  Our Ambassadors are high school males that attend Atlanta Public Schools (APS).  APS currently graduates 42% of it’s African-American males.  82,000 of APS students live at or below the poverty level while the youth from zip codes 30310, 30315 and 30318 grow up to represent 80% of the Georgia State Prison population.

We measure success in four areas: academics, athletics, service/civic engagement and exposure.  We meet our Ambassadors where they are with regards to these four areas.  Several of them have never played baseball in their life.  We don’t “creme from the top” by trying to find the best of APS.  We serve young men that need our help to succeed in life. Winning at the game of life is a challenge, but if you have the right mentorship and resources, it can be an enjoyable challenge.
Developing their baseball skills is not a problem when they have the opportunity to train with me and my Diamond Directors Certified coaching staff year round.  My successful track record of baseball development started in 1995 and over the years with the help of my mentors, I have created a proven training methodology through my for profit business Diamond Directors.  Click here to check out our impact stats for L.E.A.D.  We make the baseball skill stick with consistent monthly service and exposure opportunities throughout the city because it gives our Ambassadors a sense of belonging and investment.  As an organization, we serve over 3,500 hours annually in the community.
This Saturday, January 12th 1-3PM is your opportunity to Meet The Ambassadors at D-BAT Atlanta (2345 Adams Drive, NW, Atlanta 30318).
The L.E.A.D. Ambassadors were guests of GA Tech Athletic Director Paul Griffin at a recent GA Tech basketball game.
The L.E.A.D. Ambassadors are focused on using baseball to access college.  Education is important and with the rising cost of college tuition, receiving financial support through baseball makes the dream of attending college more of a reality.  As a collegiate student/athlete, you also have an advantage in the job market as a graduate.
Our L.E.A.D. Ambassadors love baseball but L.E.A.D. is so much more than bats and balls.  Ten years from now, you will trace several of the business and civic leaders in Georgia to the L.E.A.D. organization.  We are intentional about partnering with our families and serving their sons with excellence. 
The L.E.A.D. Ambassadors after receiving their Miller Brothers custom blazers on Dec. 2, 2012 at our  3rd Annual Dinner With Champions
So why should you want to meet the Ambassadors? You should want to meet the Ambassadors for the same reason that you put your hard earned money in a savings account – because they are an investment, they are our future.