They deserve it

If something of value is provided, people will invest and support it. From 10AM-2PM today, families were interviewed for L.E.A.D. scholarships. Contrary to popular belief, African-American males love this game. They want to contribute to the legacy and tradition of the game.

Like tax season, there is a time of year when the media asks the infamous question, “where are the African-American baseball players?” That time of year isn’t the fall because football owns the headlines.

In the inner city of Atlanta, L.E.A.D. has developed year round programming for middle and high school baseball players. These young men aren’t playing for fun either. They develop under a proven curriculum, methodology and training process. L.E.A.D. scholarships lead to college scholarships.

L.E.A.D.’s fall Legacy League program is the answer for young men who want to use baseball to access college as well as developing a professional network for post college career opportunities.

Since 2007, 89% of my Ambassadors have enrolled in college with a baseball scholarship. We achieve success by offering programs with value. The young men that fulfill the requirements of L.E.A.D. will achieve.  When they achieve, Atlanta achieves.

They want it! They deserve it! So I give it!

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