The Sweet Taste of Your Humble Pie

L.E.A.D.’s Elementary School Character Development Series

Humility: (1) The quality of being respectful; (2) Showing no arrogance or selfishness; and (3) Decreasing yourself so that others can teach you.

If someone is describing positive traits about me, I pray that they refer to me as being humble. Being humble means that you are respectful. Of course being respectful means to do the right thing, but let’s bring respect to the day-to-day world of school.

L.E.A.D. Co-Founder CJ Stewart with L.E.A.Dership Council Member Mary Jo Walker
Being prepared for a great day of school — Being prepared for school begins immediately after you leave school. You should be excited to do homework because it prepares you to learn new information the next day. New information makes you smart. Smart people are able to experience a high quality life. If you need help with your homework, call the APS Homework Hotline at 678-553-3029. Now that your homework is done, burn off some energy with physical activity, get you something good to eat and get in the bed by 9:00PM. My favorite dinner has any type of meat, vegetables, bread and at least two glasses of water. Your body is refreshed from a good nights sleep and it is time for a good breakfast before the school bell rings.

Being on time for school and excited to learn — Your homework is done, you had a good dinner, lots of rest and a good breakfast. It is time to be on time for school. Being on time for school and ready to learn is a sign of respect for the opportunity to be taught by your teachers. Being respectful is an act of humility. I had perfect attendance kindergarten through high school. Being on time and ready to learn helped me to become the humble leader that I am today. The world needs new humble leaders like you. I am 37 years of age and I had to prepare for today when I was in elementary school. Make today count for tomorrow.

Our B.E.S.T. Academy LEADers arriving on time for our Hats Off event at GA Tech this spring
Listening actively in every class — Listening actively is very different than simply hearing. Listening actively allows you to understand the instruction from your teacher. Understanding allows you to learn new information which makes you smart. The world is always in need of smart people like you. Smart people can make a lot of money also. Not listening actively causes you to fail assignments which leads to you moving backwards in life rather than forward.

One of Sylvan Hills Middle School LEADers listening actively at GA Tech during Hats Off
Give me three ways that you can show humility by being respectful at home?




“Narrate the positive script for your future and you are the star character.”