The next John Kincade could be a L.E.A.D. Ambassador

C.J. Stewart: Who did you have the opportunity to be mentored by Wednesday, July 30th?

Ambassador Wesley Clements (Benjamin E. Mays High School): I had the opportunity to be mentored by John Kincade from 680 The Fan.

C.J. Stewart: How would you describe John Kincade with one word?

Ambassador Wesley Clements: Influential.

C.J. Stewart: How do you describe John Kincade’s job?

Ambassador Wesley Clements: I would describe his job as a very creative atmosphere. It is fun but challenging and requires good communication skills.

C.J. Stewart: What are three ways that you and John Kincade connect?

Ambassador Wesley Clements: We connected mentally and we both set plans before we put things in motion. John and I both prefer to arrive to the event/occasion early. We are both able to think on the fly.

C.J. Stewart: After spending time with John Kincade, what are three things that you are now inspired to do?

Ambassador Wesley Clements: Stay in school and receive my college degree. Gain internships with radio stations and become a national radio host.

Wesley prepping for the show with John Kincade and Jonathan Chadwick 
C.J. Stewart: What is your message to Atlanta Public Schools males after spending time at 680 The Fan today?

Ambassador Wesley Clements: Don’t be afraid to be yourself because just by you being you, you can open many doors in your life.