The legacy of a King

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. died at the age of 39 but his legacy lives on through so many of us.  I remember as a child watching countless documentary’s about Dr. King.  You couldn’t live in Atlanta and attend an Atlanta Public School without knowing who Dr. King was. There were photos throughout the schools to serve as a reminder of his servant leadership.
How fascinating it is that God would choose a man and use him to empower millions.  Dr. King was here on Earth for a purpose.  He was on a tour of duty led by God the Father.
What’s your purpose in life? What will be your legacy?
What a friend we have in Jesus.  Jesus gave his life so that we may live life abundantly.  I’m living life abundantly.  Through baseball, I help shape the lives of young men and women.  Not all of my mentees will be major league baseball players like Dexter Fowler.  Some are attorneys.  Some will be entrepreneurs.  One may be the President of the United States.

God has a calling on my life to lead.  I accept the responsibility with humility.  I am willing to learn from others and be an Ambassador.  I’m not living my life for me.  I’m living my life for God and it is a pleasure to serve you.  Continue to pray for me.
If your presence on this Earth doesn’t make an impact, your absence won’t make a difference.  Thank you Dr. King for accepting the calling on your life from God.  Thank you for leaving a legacy that continues to empower me and millions of others.
I will continue to L.E.A.D. and Direct!