The Atlanta Hawks – Beyond The Entertainment

Another win for the Atlanta Hawks! That’s 17 in a row!

I am simply mesmerized by the success of the Hawks.

In addition to being entertained, I’m studying their success so that I can maintain effectiveness as the CEO of L.E.A.D. (Launch, Expose, Advise, Direct).

There are three baskets that I feel that the Atlanta Hawks continue to fill and they are culture, standards and accountability.

I’ve asked a few of my close friends to weigh in on the success of the Hawks and help me write this blog.

The Culture

Culture is the the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group.

What is the culture of the Atlanta Hawks?

This Hawks team appears to have collectively adopted the mindset that the determined ‘game day’ mission will be accomplished through team work and excellent play! –Lisa Baker

Team!! Team!! Fun!! Unselfish!! –Vaughn Williams, Kennesaw State University Director of Athletics

I think they don’t want to pay guys because they don’t want a superstar. They just want a bunch of role players. They cycle role players in and out. They have no stability. At the end of the day that works and the most important thing is they win! –Dexter Fowler, Chicago Cubs outfielder

I would describe the culture as team focused. They are playing as a team with a mindset of it takes all of us to win. Everyone plays an important part, from the players on the bench to the ones on the court. Everyone has something to contribute. –Katrina Johnson

The Standards

Standard is a rule or principle that is used as a basis for judgment.

What “must happen” in order to be a member of the Atlanta Hawks team?

The way I see it, in order to truly “be” a part of any “team”, you have to understand that teamwork (at it’s core) is essentially a perfect balance of unselfish personal behavior coupled with an appropriate level of personal ambition/drive. Teamwork makes the dream work….. and the “dream” must be shared by all. –Charlie Finch

You must be cooperative and you must work as a team. There is not just one man on the team. You must be discipline, so that when you are in a tough situation you know how to come out on top. You must have core values and you must always have a positive attitude. You must have your teammates back. You must also know how to deal with adversity and be the best cheerleader when needed. –D’Anthony Morrow, L.E.A.D. Ambassador

You must be the best at what you do, yet humble enough to be a member of the team. –Kevin Young, L.E.A.D. Ambassador Head Coach

Each person must adhere to personal and team core values. Iverson had talent no doubt, but his character wasn’t strong enough to sustain it. Core Values produce character that attracts success. You must be willing to share the glory of winning and the disappointment of defeat. You must be honest about individual strengths and weaknesses so the puzzle of the team can be properly assembled. You must be dedicated to the development of the bench. The bench will be what sustains you when you need a rest or you’re hurt. They should not be forgotten about or thought of as scrubs. –Kelli Stewart, L.E.A.D. Executive Director

The Accountability

Accountability is being subject to the obligation to report, explain, or justify something; responsible; answerable.

What “must not happen” in order to remain a member of the Atlanta Hawks team?

They must not become arrogant, complacent, lose hunger and most importantly forget where they come from. – Joseph McCrary, L.E.A.D. Ambassador Alum

They must not violate team rules… on time and good conduct. –Sam Crenshaw, 92.9 The Game

They must not get distracted by the celebratory happenings (events) of the fans. They must not get distracted with the doubters and critics that will doubt the authenticity of the success. They must not allow past success to cause them to be content with the success that is to come. –Minister Tim Sims, Elizabeth Baptist Church

They must not change who there are. They are a blue collar team that meshes well together and just cares about winning. –Brent Shade, Mercer University Assistant Baseball Coach