Thank God for the snow

Playing in the snow these past two days with my wife and daughters brought back so many memories from my childhood. Memories of playing football in the neighborhood with all of my friends until somebody got hurt. We were rough! I can’t remember making any snow men being built but we had a lot of snow ball fights. I had a good arm and was really accurate so I enjoyed that the most.

For the first time in a long time, this week I was able to step away from my Blackberry and walk down the street with my family and simply enjoy the snow. I was able to hold my three year old until she feel asleep in my arms. I was able to experience the same free spirit that I had as a child.

These past two days while playing in the snow has reminded me to enjoy life. I allow so many things to distract me from enjoying all of the blessings around me. Being locked in the house allowed me to realize that I have prevented myself from enjoying the simple yet rewarding things that life has to offer like eating a bowl cereal while watching cartoons. I loved watching Tom & Jerry back in the day!

The snow will be gone soon but I have several photos that will remind me to simply enjoy life in 2011.