Somebody Told A Lie One Day

“Somebody told a lie one day…” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Nothing has shaken up my life more than the experience I had through my participation in Leadership Atlanta. In addition to the endearing relationships I developed, the program also gave me a gift: KNOWLEDGE. This knowledge has been both a blessing and a burden. 
I became more knowledgeable about various issues that affect Atlanta and the world, but none touched me as much as the issue of RACE. 
I believe that with knowledge comes the burden and responsibility of sharing it, so that I can work with others on solutions to current problems affecting us today. By carrying this out, however, I always run the risk of being “that guy” who always talks about RACE. I become “that guy” that makes people feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, and disgusted each time I raise the issue of RACE. What I’ve learned is that RACE doesn’t exist, but RACISM does and the latter is a nasty disease. I have come to realize that it can be a curable disease in some and a terminal one in others. This disease is steeped in our history – not just BLACK history – but AMERICAN history. It’s a part that is seldom told or told properly. I have come to believe that it is my duty with the voice and platform that God has given me to make sure as many people – young and old, all colors – are educated and informed about how our Country became infected with the insidious falsehood of RACE and the disease of RACISM that has resulted. 
I agree with a statement Dr. King made in one of his speeches shown in the video above . . . “somebody told a lie one day”. It is important for us to know who that “somebody” was, what that “somebody’s” motives were, who the lie has affected and its long lasting impact, and how we can all begin the healing process to right the wrong. 
Consider all Americans family, and RACISM our family secret. Like any family secret, it chokes the life out of familial relationships until it’s dealt with truthfully and wholly. In my series of blogs and posts for Black History Month, it is my intention to deal with this family secret truthfully and wholly. Some may not like it and that’s ok. I’m not on Earth to please everybody; I’m on Earth to please God by carrying out the DIVINE PURPOSE that He has spoken over my life. 
Dr. King was right; somebody did tell a lie one day . . . but I am here to tell the TRUTH.
I pray we all can handle it and accept the burden that comes with knowing it. 
Here we go…
Note: In some of my blog posts and social media posts, I will provide information on suggested resources that go deeper into the issue. If you have some resources I should know about, please share them with me.
Suggested Resource: 
Race The Power of An Illusion ( 3-part series that can be found on YouTube