Running. Reaping. Reciprocation.

On April 28, 2019, Pastor Charles Jenkins preached a sermon at my home church, Elizabeth Baptist Church, about three seasons of life—running, reaping and reciprocation.

  • Running Season — Faint not and let us not be weary in well doing
  • Reaping Season — Heavenly blessings come through human hands
  • Reciprocating Season — Blessed to be a blessing

Our oldest daughter, Mackenzi, is now a freshman at Howard University. She will graduate with a degree in Afro-American Studies 2023. Ultimately, she wants to help reform the K-12 education system in the United States. She will be a member of the tennis team, so be sure to follow her career here.

I remember when Mackenzi was born. I can still feel the excitement of being a first-time father. I remember crying when I dropped her off the first day of kindergarten. I remember when she became a teenager. And I will never forget the first young man who asked my permission to date her.

I didn’t cry when we dropped her off at Howard on August 11, 2019. I was too happy. Kelli and I have put a lot of work into Mackenzi’s development.

While driving to D.C. from Atlanta, Mackenzi launched an empowerment apparel line, “Know Your Truth? (KYT?)” The line is to educate and inform the masses about key concepts, events, people, etc., who were conveniently and intentionally left out of our history books.

Mackenzi Stewart. Photo by Steve West.
KYT? steps in where the K-12 educational system never picked up, providing basic, fundamental facts and truths about pivotal people, places and ideas in our society.

Kelli and I did a lot of running to get to this moment of reaping. Mackenzi is starting her running season at the Black Mecca.

Our youngest daughter, Mackenna, is a rising seventh grader at The Lovett School who aspires to become a professional tennis player as early as 15. She is passionate about social activism. Kelli and I are currently doing a lot of running with Mackenna.

Mackenna Stewart. Photo by Steve West.
Reciprocation for me will be when both of my daughters are married. I’m actually looking forward to it. I’m intentionally preparing them today to be a blessing to a man, like their mother is to me.

Running. Reaping. Reciprocation.