Rise up Atlanta, Build the Dream

The world is ready to see the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial in Washington, DC. Dr. King’s legacy is still alive but we can do so much better here in Atlanta.

Dr. King didn’t march so that Atlanta would have one of the nations highest crime rates.

Dr. King didn’t speak to millions about hope so that his school district would graduate 34% of it’s African American males from high school.

Dr. King didn’t ignore death threats so that thousands of Atlantans would live at or below the poverty level.

Dr. King had a dream so that you and I could see the reality. My reality is that I’m able to be great because I can serve others. My reality is that I can be anything that my God wants me to be. It’s not up to me. My reality is that talk is cheap and walking makes you weary but prayer, faith and courage creates icons. I want to be ICONIC.