L.E.A.D. | The Solution


The Solution

Through ongoing program development, we have created the following check points by which our programs are created and evaluated:

  • Establish value – In order to have a relationship with youth, you must first establish that you have something of value to them
  • Consistent delivery & interaction – Once you establish to youth that you have something of value; you must deliver it consistently and frequently.
  • Build relationship – The established value, delivered consistently and frequently allows you to build a trusting relationship; now you have influence in their lives.
  • Effectively mentor – Once you earn trust and influence, then you can begin to properly mentor and bring about sustainable change in the lives of the youth you serve.
L.E.A.D. programming is effective because athletics (baseball) is our value proposition, we deliver year round programs (over 90% delivered during Out of School Time hours) that include professional baseball training, competition and mentoring which allow us to build trusting relationships and influence with the youth we serve. Through the earned trust and influence, we are able to mentor and effect positive, sustainable change.