Our Model | Core Strategies


Our Model 

We have expanded the Sports/Education model that became popular in the 1990s to include the missing link that makes the model complete – service. Through L.E.A.D’s model of leveraging sports, education and service, we are able to:

  • Launch student athletes towards educational and career opportunities after converting raw talent into the skills required for entry into college athletic programs
  • Expose youth to service and local enrichment activities in order to instill a sense of responsibility, belonging and investment; key requirements for building a civically engaged individual.
  • Advise coaches, parents and other stakeholders on the process of effectively supporting their child’s dreams of being a student-athlete at the college level.
  • Direct youth towards their promise by using the historical journey of past legends as the road map.
Through this revamped model, sports and service are on equal ground with education and have the same ability to provide educational and career access, more so than education alone.

Core Strategies

We provide our program participants with the following resources to achieve our mission:

  • Year round academic & mentoring support (measured, monitored accountability),
  • Year round baseball training and competition (athletic excellence and discipline)
  • Year round community service (leadership development and civic responsibility)
  • Year round enrichment activities (exposure to colleges and careers).