Paradigm Shift: Get-It-Done-rs

We are in the summer phase of programming for L.E.A.D. providing educational, leadership and baseball development to our 25 high school age L.E.A.D. Ambassadors and 40 middle school age Jr. Ambassadors. They won’t miss a beat this summer and will be ready for school in the fall. 

The summer is super busy for us with our L.E.A.D. Ambassadors and Jr. Ambassadors. Our four L.E.A.D. pillars of excellence are academics, athletics, service/civic engagement and exposure. We have to plan for success while expecting the worse. Unfortunately, sometimes the best plans don’t always turn out perfect. Like baseball, life is about making quick adjustments. We’ve had to make several adjustments as an organization this summer. 

I woke up this morning and realized that there are three people in the world. There are people that “don’t get things done”, “doers” and “get-it-done-rs“. 

To be a “get it done-r requires you to have three skills. 

The first skill that you must have to be a “get-it-done-r” is critical thinking. Thinking about something critically will cause you to consider stumbling blocks before you ever began the task. Asking the right questions on the front end helps you understand the request before you accept the responsibility. Understanding the request helps you execute the task.

The second skill that you must have to be a “get-it-done-r” is that you must have aptitude. Aptitude is the ability to learn and apply. Getting things done starts with you understanding the task at hand and it ends with you executing. Along the way, you will get curve balls thrown at you but if it is a strike, it can be hit for a home run. Make it happen!

The third skill that you must have to be a “get-it-done-r” is that you must be resourceful. The best leaders know how to get help from others. Not executing is not an option for “get-it-done-rs” if they accept the responsibility. When failure isn’t an option, success is always a reality. I have some really smart friends that I can call on at any time for anything. About the only friend that I don’t have is a snake charmer and I may have one of those and just don’t know it yet. With so many smart friends that are willing and able to help me, how can I fail?

C.J. Stewart and Charlie Finch (The Lovett School, Assistant Athletic Director) on campus at The Lovett School

I enjoy having people hold me accountable. I want you to depend on me. Rest easy if it is in C.J.’s hands. By the grace and mercy of God, I am a “get-it-done-r“.

L.E.A.D. recognizing Lance Oubs (The Lovett School Baseball Head Coach) and his staff for their continued support of L.E.A.D.
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