No headset in the dugout Coach Richt

Listening to football players talk about baseball is hilarious because to them, all you do is just swing the bat, hit the ball and run as fast as you can.  Watching them swing the bat and miss repeatedly is even funnier.
Not sure how many football players I would recruit from the GA Bulldogs, Tech or the Falcons to play baseball but I would love to have their coaches in the dugout with me.
I would like for Coach Richt to assist me with making the L.E.A.D.  Leaders become more of a family on and off the baseball field.  The Bulldog football players may not win every game on Saturday’s but they play hard for each other and leave it all on the field.  They all understand their role realizing that they are a link in the chain and each link must be strong in order for the chain to be strong.  Coach Richt motivates his players to a high level and they believe in him.  I can hear the cheers from my wife who is also a Bulldog fan.  “It’s great to be a GA Bulldog!  I say it’s great to be a GA Bulldog!” I want that same strong sense of pride and family within L.E.A.D.
I would like for Coach Johnson to assist me with the offense of L.E.A.D.  Watching the Yellow Jackets on offense is fun.  They execute plays with great tempo and efficiency.  Smash mouth football at its best.  I believe that the opposing defense at times know what plays that Tech will run but the Yellow Jackets continue to run the ball at the heart of the defense.  This is the attitude that I want my batters to have.  Make your opponent concentrate and containing you because he knows that he can’t stop you.  Buzz!
I would like for Coach Smith to lend his defensive mind to the L.E.A.D. coaching staff.  The Atlanta Falcons play defense with intensity and passion.  Their opponent will score but the Falcons defense won’t quit.  Being a playmaker is what defense is all about.  You have to want the ball to come to you.  Good defense wins games.  Let’s go L.E.A.D.!  Rise Up!
Football is here and L.E.A.D. is also in full gear with competitive high school baseball for inner city teens with our Fall Instructional Baseball Development League.  The Legacy League is America’s 1st Fall Developmental League geared towards inner city teens.  We practice and play games weekly during the fall but nothing and I mean nothing interferes with watching GA Bulldog, GA Tech and Falcons football.  We love baseball but you can’t beat the thrill of football.  I will be watching the coaches on sideline closely and learning from them as I prepare our Leaders on the Diamond.