L.E.A.D Research Based Theory of Change


Youth Experiences

The benefit of the doubt, trust, and respect are three gifts that we give our youth in order to build authentic, strong relationships.

We provide ways for all youth to engage in our programming, no matter their skill level. Everyone has a way to contribute to the success of the team.

LEAD coach-mentors challenge our youth’s growth by setting high expectations in a system of mutual accountability.

We provide culturally relevant engagement experiences that build pride and help our youth understand their value.

We expose our youth to new ideas, experiences, and places.

We assist our youth with setting and managing goals that are important to them and help them navigate and reframe failure, setbacks and challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.

We create an environment where our youth can feel safe around and supported by their peers.

We provide our youth with opportunities to share feedback, implement practice plans, and to create and lead projects.

We use baseball to support healing, build resilience, and address issues of systemic racial injustice.


Short Term Outcomes

Realizing the successes experienced in their baseball environment, our youth are motivated to engage and advocate for themselves in their academic environment

With a greater sense of value, our youth have increased desire to engage with and contribute to their family, school, and community.

Our youth develop the capacity to envision a positive future for themselves and set a path forward to achieve their dreams.

Our youth develop an internal sense of who they are individually, as Black Americans and as global citizens.

Our youth develop a positive sense of their value in the world and what they have to offer.

Our youth develop awareness of their emotions & behavior and the ability to regulate them, take positive risks, and persist through life’s challenges.

Our youth see themselves as citizens of a global community and learn how to take others’ perspectives into account, and to develop a sense of caring and empathy.

Community Impact

  • Youth with the know-how and desire to engage in and make a positive difference in their communities.

  • A diverse workforce equipped with the social-emotional skills that promote life-long learning, empathy, and excellence.

  • Increased diversity, equity, and inclusion in the organizations and communities where our youth live, work, and play.

Long Term Benefits

  • Thriving Youth
  • Outcomes Based Decision Making
  • Increased Job and Career Readiness
  • Increased Academic Achievement
  • Increased Civic Engagement


Solid partnerships and adequate facilities with proper staffing of individuals who have knowledge in the discipline of Positive Youth Development and various sport for social good curricula with ongoing professional development.

External Factors

Social/political climates, availability of staff and funding.