Live Big, Dream Big

In two days God willing, I will be on a plane headed to Orlando with my family, L.E.A.D. Coach Kevin Young (Grove Park Elementary School, Atlanta Public Schools), videographer David Seeney (Fresh Behavior), L.E.A.D. Tyrelle Wilson (Booker T. Washington High School, Atlanta Public Schools) and LEADer Montavious Lightner (Harper-Archer Middle School, Atlanta Public Schools).

This trip will serve as a vacation for my family as well as an exposure opportunity for our coach and Ambassadors. They will truly serve as Ambassadors for Atlanta Public Schools (APS). There is lots to learn from the business of baseball. We will video document the entire trip which will allow us to share our experience in an effort to empower other students within APS.

There are three things that I want to happen on this trip.

I am so looking forward to recharging my emotional batteries with my wife and two daughters. We go hard all year long and miss opportunities to spend quality with one another. We will have fun at Disney, swim, stay up late watching movies, eat good and watch some Braves baseball. I can see the ladies of my life smile in the comforts of the Florida sun.

Kevin Young has served as our Middle School Character Development League director for 6 months. He is also a coach for our Ambassador team. He does a great job but has limited knowledge and experience with regards to how Atlanta Braves Minor League Director Ronnie Richardson runs Spring Training for the Braves. Kevin will be shadowing Ronnie for hours while we are in Orlando. Talk about empowerment. With new information, I want Kevin to take the development experience of our high school Ambassadors and middle school LEADers to new levels. I’m excited for Kevin. This will launch so many others dreams and aspirations for him.

L.E.A.D. Ambassador Tyrelle Wilson and LEADer Montavious Lightner will be treated like celebrities the entire time. They will have dinner with Jason Heyward. They will have lunch with professional agent Mike Moye. They will shadow Braves farm director Ronnie Richardson as well as 680 The Fan radio hosts. They will go to Disney for the first time. This will be Mr. Lightner’s first time on a plane and the second time for Tyrelle. I want these young men to ask questions and gain an understanding of how they can be change agents in their schools and community because it can be done.

March is a month that we learn about excellence within L.E.A.D. I teach excellence by first establishing what is expected of you followed by the need of energy (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) and more encouragers in your life than discouragers.

This Live Big Dream Big exposure opportunity is made possible by Georgia’s Own Credit Union, Atlanta Braves and 680 The Fan. These Live Big Dream Big moments will allow every to fulfill L.E.A.D.’s mission to empower an at risk generation to lead and transform their city of Atlanta.