Let’s Talk About Race – Day 7


Why should racism end Donald?

Hi CJ,

Here are three reasons why I feel racism should end:

1. Equality: A person’s ability to succeed should not be based on the amount of pigment in their skin or the continent or country from which he/she originates.

2. Innovation: With as many needs as humankind currently has, shouldn’t we be using every resource available to us? The greatest resource we have is the mind. Every day we waste intelligence and innovation because we turn our back on people, just because they are different. How sad for all of us.

3. Competition: You want to get better at anything? Unleash competition. It is a driving force in humans. You want to win? Dig deeper in your grades, art, sports or business. If you want to make yourself better, then compete against everyone. That means no one gets excluded

Dr. Donald Green

President, Georgia Highlands College

With Donald at my alma mater Grove Park Elementary School, Atlanta Public Schools