Let’s Talk About Race – Day 28


Why should racism end Allen?

Life’s 2 most rewarding & difficult commandments stated 2,000 years ago by human civilizations’ most quoted teacher:

Jesus said: Love God & Love Others.

Unless you’ve never read the Bible, these two commands sum up the Old Testament and the New Testament. Jesus came to give this simple clarity to all people.

You and me and every child, woman & man we are all God’s creation and worthy of love, respect, kindness and consideration. In my selfishness and desire for my own comfort and entertainment these two commands are enough for daily strength training and personal conviction. I can’t do these two things without acknowledging God and asking prayerfully for Jesus’ help in humbling myself to love others. It is a daily discipline that helps me grow. I struggle often but I know it is God’s will for me to pursue these two clear goals every moment. This is how we dismantle racism.

Allen Bell