Let’s Talk About Race – Day 1


Why should racism end John?


This is a tough one for me, because the reasons that racism should end are too numerous to count….

Here is part of the issue — there is a line in one of Yoko’s favorite movies — it says, essentially this, “the greatest trick that the devil has ever played is convincing the world that he doesn’t exist.” Imagine that, there are some people who actually believe that racism no longer exists, thus it is impossible to talk with these people about why it should end. Anyway, here are my three reasons why racism should end:

1) Racism should end because any effort/system to sort humanity on a basis for which humans have no control is arbitrary and contrary to any natural law that suggests we all originate from the same source(s).

2) Racism has persisted through many generations, the current form of this prejudice is only related to and not identical with its form of origin; proof that ignorance is as adaptable as intelligence.

3) Racism should end because I need whoever has the cure for cancer, or the reasoning that indisputably rationalizes world peace to stand up and be heard no matter what his or her skin color is.

I look forward to your posts — good luck with the project.



(John Hammond, Leadership Atlanta Class of 2008)