Legacy League Opening Day the Omega Psi Phi Way

Saturday was a perfect day for four reasons.

1. I was able to spend time with my beautiful wife and daughters.
2. We had perfect weather in Atlanta.
3. It was L.E.A.D.’s Legacy League Annual Opening Day Ceremony.
4. The Omega Psi Phi fraternity was at Perkerson Park celebrating with us thanks to Rendell Jackson.

The ceremony started with introductions from over 30 Omega’s at the pitchers mound.  Each fraternity brother shared the college that they graduated from along with the degree and their current career field.  That was powerful for our young Leaders to witness.

Coach Kelli later introduced our 60 Legacy League Leaders to the crowd.  They received high 5’s from the Omega’s and lined up on the foul line.  Coach Kelli had everybody’s attention with her powerful voice as she sang the National Anthem.

A long day of games began with our two middle school teams competing against each other followed by intra-squad games for our high school division.  We finished the day of games before darkness hit with our Legacy League Prospect Team hosting the East Cobb Saints.  DJ Cosmo kept everybody energized with music from Jay-Z and a bunch of old school.

Opening Day is always fun!  I remember how I felt as a kid on Opening Day at CYO (Cascade Youth Organization).  Lots of people, cheers, food and music.

Baseball is a big deal again in the inner city again.  If my vision is right for L.E.A.D., we will play a major role in repopulating African Americans in baseball at the collegiate and major league levels.  We can do so much more with your help.  Click here and help us L.E.A.D. Today and Change Tomorrow!