Lebron James wins championship while you score excellent on the CRCT

L.E.A.D.’s Elementary School Character Development Series

Lebron James might be the best basketball player in the world. He is excellent in so many ways. Being excellent is going the “Second Mile”. Here are 3 reasons why he is such an excellent role model. 

Lebron James and the Miami Heat are the 2012 NBA Champions
1. Lebron prepares to win. Preparing to win NBA championships includes making sacrifices before you play the game. His diet is really strict and doesn’t allow for him to drink sodas or eat candy. Think about taking the CRCT as being your NBA championship game. Eating good and being well rested makes you feel good and perform well. 

LeBron James working out
2. Lebron James makes his teammates better. The best players always make others around them better. Even Batman needed Robin. When you are excellent in all that you do, you also have the opportunity to make others excellent also. And when a team of you are excellent, you are the most powerful. You are a champion. Make your school excellent by making high scores on the CRCT.

Lebron James and teammate D-Wade
3. Lebron James studies. Lebron has to study his shooting mechanics for hours in addition to physically practicing his shot in the gym. His games are televised and he is able to look at the video to understand why he is succeeding and failing. That extra work allows him to perform at a high level. This is why you have to study hard for everything that you do. What happens when you plant a seed and don’t water it?

What are three excellent things that your teachers can list about you?




Click this video to find out 3 excellent things that my teachers said about me when I was a Grove Park Elementary School student.

Here is a great video from Mr. Rob to get you ready for the CRCT. Get your dancing shoes on!

“Narrate the positive script for your future and you are the star character.”