LEAD’s Theo Hassan discusses preparing for the future

I get to go to the well one more time and learn from our guest blogger, Coach Theo Hassan. In our last conversation, we talked about how to win at the game of life.

This time, we are talking about how you take the things you learn today and channel them into the future.

What’s something new you learned about yourself this week as a person? As a coach?

Over the years, I’ve always been on the go. There is never any time to slow down and relax. The one thing I’ve learned about myself is that I’m more relaxed. I’m enjoying my time more by creating space for my health mentally, physically and spiritually.

What’s your go-to pitching drill for your pitchers who are experiencing a slump?

Mine is the T-drill flat ground (shown at right), which helps pitchers focus on their stride and ensure they land in the same spot.

Tell us about your current role at LEAD Center For Youth, where you want to be 10 years from now and how LEAD is launching you to get there?

I currently serve as a Program Coordinator for LEAD Center For Youth. We are currently in the Empowerment Phase of development for our middle school Junior Ambassadors and high school Ambassadors.

I invest a lot of time with our middle school Junior Ambassadors during school-based programming and training at the LEAD Center For Youth. They can put what they learn into during our Middle School Baseball League games at Washington High School. Our high school Ambassadors serve as coaches and mentors at these games.

Ten years from now, I plan on coaching for the Atlanta Braves. LEAD is laying out the foundation for me. It is delegating tasks to me that a professional coach will have to do. By the time I’m ready to present myself for a job with the Braves, I’ll have the experience on my resume and will have built relationships with significant people.

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