L.E.A.D. wins with a few good men

The 2013 L.E.A.D. Middle School Character Development League (MSCDL) season is now officially over, with Walter L. Parks Middle School reigning as the CHAMPION! Coach D’Wayne Carter and his staff continue to serve their student-athletes with excellence.

W.L. Parks at the 2013 L.E.A.D. Hats Off event
Our MSCDL league is year round and involves weekly mentoring, service opportunities, exposure and baseball development. We are so much more than baseball y’all. 

Effective mentoring requires L.E.A.D. to:

1. Offer something of value to the student-athletes

2. Build a relationship with the student-athletes

3. Maintain consistent interaction with the student-athletes and then…

4. They will trust us and allow L.E.A.D. to mentor them. It was fitting for Walter L. Parks Middle School to win the baseball championship since this is the last year of the school being opened within Atlanta Public Schools. 

L.E.A.D. is proud to continue our partnership with Atlanta Public Schools. The assets are the children that we serve. Our mission is to create positive outcomes for at-risk inner city minority youth by leveraging the relationships between education, athletics and service. Click here to check our L.E.A.D.’s IMPACT STATS. Before 2010, middle school baseball in Atlanta Public Schools never existed. L.E.A.D. is here now. Click here so that you can join us for upcoming events. We have plenty to choose from because we are a year round youth development organization. 

Rendell Jackson, Atlanta Public Schools Program Manager Middle School Athletics

This season would not have been a success without the tireless and excellent leadership of our L.E.A.D. Middle School Director Kerwin Giles. Kerwin was a childhood friend of mine and we are changing lives together here in Atlanta. 

Coach Kerwin Giles
Here is how I would describe all of our L.E.A.D. Partner Middle Schools for the year. 

Walter L. Parks Middle School was tried and true. The showed us that when you compete from start to finish, you can win. Congratulations Coach D’Wayne Carter, Coach Roberto Turner and Coach Zawadaski Robinson on an amazing season!

B.E.S.T. Academy Middle School was consistently business-like. They showed us that you can’t win every game but you must prepare to win every game. Congratulations Coach Bakari Moore and Coach Courtney English on an amazing season!

Sylvan Hills Middle School was resilient and became a standard of excellence. They showed us that it’s not how you start but it is how you finish. Congratulations Coach Sedrick Parker and Samuel Brooks on an amazing season!

Coach Sedrick Parker and Coach Samuel Brooks with their LEADers at GA Tech
Martin Luther King Middle School was strong willed, passionate and showed us how to make “rights” out of “wrongs”. Congratulations Coach Kevin Young and Coach Robert Stephens on an amazing season!

Joseph E. Brown Middle School was as cool and smooth as a Cadillac. No matter what the outcome, they respected the game. A fine group of talented young men with committed coaches. Congratulations Coach Harold Moss and Coach Arney Roberson on an amazing season!

Jean Childs Young Middle School was an example of class. They showed us that talent is important to winning but sportsmanship is better. Congratulations Coach Harold House on an amazing season!

Harper-Archer Middle School was always accepting of something new and different. They showed us how to win despite a loss. They also showed us how to make good adjustments. Congratulations Coach Alana Allen, Coach Malcolm Shell and Coach John Wilson on an amazing season!

John F. Kennedy Middle School was well led and showed us how to follow good leadership. They showed us how to compete regardless of what the scoreboard says. Winning isn’t determined by the final score. Congratulations Coach Brandon Johnson on an amazing season!

Coach Brandon Johnson

When L.E.A.D. wins, Atlanta wins!