L.E.A.D. took it to L.A. and brought it back to the A

Guest Blogger L.E.A.D. Ambassador Carlos Twine, New Schools at Carver High School, Atlanta Public Schools

Describe the trip destination.

The trip to Los Angeles was great. I saw a lot of things I have never seen before and it was a great exposure opportunity. I never saw the set of a documentary and all it takes to complete a full one.

What was the purpose of the trip?

The purpose of this trip was to gain exposure and to do a documentary for Dartfish.

Why were you chosen to attend this trip?

I was chosen to attend this trip because of my attendance at school and w/L.E.A.D. activities, my good grades, and always showing respect to people. Also I was chosen to represent my fellow L.E.A.D. Ambassadors.

What did you discover about yourself while on this trip?

I discovered that coming out of high school I should know what I want to be in life. Also I discovered that I have to remain focused to be successful. I should specifically focus on getting an education first and then increasing my baseball skills.

Describe the people that you interacted with while on the trip?

The people I interacted with were awesome. They all had great personalities and helped me have a great time on this trip.

What surprised you the most while on the trip?

What surprised me the most was the time and effort that was put into this. We had to remain focused and understand what was the main purpose of being there. The main purpose for being here was to complete our goal which was to do a documentary of Dartfish. Also to gain more exposure and provide more opportunities for younger males to do the same thing that we did.

Ambassador Carlos Twine is 3rd in line shaking hands with some of the Park Pictures Production staff
What was your most memorable moment on the trip?

My most memorable moment was trying to hit left handed for the first time and the “City Walk”. We were hitting left handed because using Dartfish will help you become successful with that. It breaks your swing down so that you’ll see what you’re doing wrong and you’ll get another try after being shown what you need to change. The City Walk was basically a strip. It had places where you can sit down and eat and stores to buy things at.

Who was the most memorable person from the trip?

The most memorable person was Mr. Mercury because he provided a good time for us on and off the field. Mr. Mercury’s job was a DA (directors assistant) and to basically get us to and from the places we needed to be.

What did you learn from the trip that you can use to help L.E.A.D. carry out its mission to empower an at risk generation to lead and transform their city?

I learned that trips like this are transforming our city. Meaning if youth males continue to do things like this it will set trends and make others want to follow in their path. A positive trend youth males should follow is to get good grades and always be successful. Not only get good grades but stay in school and join programs such as L.E.A.D.

What are the top 3 skills that you have learned since becoming an Ambassador that helped you represent L.E.A.D. with excellence on this trip?

Listening skills, being respectful, and learning how to always pay 
attention and stay focused were the top 3 skills that I have learned and used in L.A. These skills are important to have because if we didn’t have them, we wouldn’t have been as successful as we were. Since we were all paying attention, the director didn’t have to keep repeating himself and being respectful is always important to have. If you’re not respectful then nobody would want you around them.

What 3 core values did you have to use each day while on the trip?

Excellence, teamwork, Stewardship are the 3 core values that I used everyday in L.A. I had to use these core values everyday to make myself a better person in life. If you live by these core values then its a big chance you’ll complete any future goals you have set for yourself.

Describe the trip in 3 words?

Exposure, excellent, opportunity.

What opportunities do you now have after being out there?

After being out there, I think that other doors will open up in the future for L.E.A.D. and I have the opportunity to set standards for youth males. Now they can see what we did and now they will want to follow in our footsteps so they can do the same.

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