L.E.A.D. Movie Launch In 2013

2013 isn’t promised to be a year of prosperity or doom. My prayer is that my family continues to abide in The Lord and do His will in 2013.

If I had the opportunity to write the script of 2013, scene number 1 of over 100 scenes would start with the L.E.A.D. Ambassadors sharing their baseball knowledge with 50 guests at D-BAT Atlanta (2345 Adams Drive, NW, Atlanta 30318) on Saturday, January 12th for our annual Meet The Ambassadors event and you are invited! Please contact Kelli.Stewart@LEAD2Legacy.org to RSVP. To teach is to learn twice.

Scene 2 allows you to see our Ambassadors in service mode. The Ambassadors will once again serve as Grand Marshall’s for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day March on Monday, January 21st. Dr. King’s legacy continues through L.E.A.D. Service is so important to us that we measure it annually.

Scene 3 includes over 200 of our middle school LEADers receiving a baseball clinic experience on the campus of The Lovett School on Sunday, February 10th. The L.E.A.D. Ambassadors and The Lovett varsity baseball team under the leadership of head coach Lance Oubs will provide a baseball experience that will prime our LEADers for another amazing spring season. Great things happen when great partners collaborate.

In scene 4, you can march with the LEADers in our 3rd Annual L.E.A.D. Inner City Youth Baseball March. Baseball isn’t dead in the inner city of Atlanta because L.E.A.D. is here.

I challenge you to serve others in 2013 with your time, talents and treasures. Come check out L.E.A.D. in 2013 as we write this script of change and legacy building in Atlanta!