L.E.A.D. Fall College Tour – Savannah State University

This weekend, we took our Leaders on their second college tour of the fall to Savannah State University. There’s no way to relay just how transformational this trip was for all of them unless you were there to witness it for yourself, but I hope these reflections will give you a glimpse on the amazing experience we had.

Keevis Montgomery, Benjamin E. Mays High School, Atlanta Public Schools

During my Savannah State University experience I learned that college teams prepare just like L.E.A.D. We saw Savannah State play East Georgia College on Saturday and I realized that even players at the college level make mistakes. I had a good time talking with my teammates from other APS schools. I learned some new stuff about them. I found out that one of my teammates just started playing baseball. I also learned some new facts about Savannah while on the trolly. Savannah is the most haunted city in America. I learned a lot on this trip and it was a great experience.

Cameron Tucker, Henry W. Grady High School, Atlanta Public Schools

I learned a lot on this Savannah trip. I learned the importance of establishing a better relationship with the team. I also learned the importance of calming myself and my teammates down on the field. During the game, I began to get upset because I had two strikeouts. After talking to Coach CJ, he explained it wasn’t the end of the world, so I was able to focus on exposing my talent in front of the Savannah State coaches. This trip was worth the drive for more than baseball.

Nile Kennedy, Maynard H. Jackson High School, Atlanta Public Schools

I had an awesome time while in Savannah. I learned a lot just from watching the Savannah State game. I also learned from Mendez (2012 Ambassador Alum & Grady HS Graduate) when he gave us the motivational speech. In the future I will take what I learned and put it into action. But one thing I’m proud of myself is when I guaranteed Coach CJ that I wouldn’t show negative emotion during the game. I’m terrible at keeping in my anger and not showing my emotion. When I made an error, I calmed myself down and stayed focused. I had to have a short term memory. I held it together and kept my cool. I got a chance to show my skills during the game and I gave my all. I also had a lot of fun during this trip and I want to thank Coach CJ and Coach Kelli for giving me this opportunity to be in Savannah. It really means a lot.