L.E.A.D. Development P.R.O.C.E.S.S.

L.E.A.D.’s Fall Legacy League Instructional Program is America‘s 1st program that focuses on the professional development of inner city baseball players.  In three years, L.E.A.D. has successfully placed 83% of our Ambassadors in college with scholarships and 100% of our Ambassadors have enrolled in college. 
All of the talent in L.E.A.D. is raw, meaning that they haven’t been coached professionally.  We don’t run away from raw talent because we have a development P.R.O.C.E.S.S. that works.
We PREPARE our Leaders by educating them on the front end about the fundamentals required to convert their raw talent to skills that are attractive to college coaches for scholarship opportunities.
We REINFORCE those fundamentals taught on the field and in the classroom with skill building drills, using a methodology on and off the field with journaling and weekly blogs.
We give OPPORTUNITIES for our Leaders to learn from their mistakes in an instructional game  environment.  If they make a mistake, we recreate the situation and do it again.  Practice makes permanent.
We teach our Leaders how to COMMUNICATE through positive conversations with our coaches instead of negative body language.
We EXPOSE our Leaders to high level competition against top tier teams to test what has been learned.  The games are indeed a test.  We make mistakes on the test but get opportunities in practice to learn and continue the development process.
We teach our Leaders that without STRUGGLE there is never SUCCESS.  Proper development always includes failure.
L.E.A.D. will continue to succeed using this process of development of raw inner city baseball talent.  All we need is for the families to come into the organization willing to develop.