Jason Heyward is the new cool!

Jason Heyward has received national attention this year and is considered a compassionate, selfless, focused, humble and disciplined baseball player.  These aren’t words that are usually used to describe athletes.  Especially athletes that are only 21 years old.
I have been privileged to be a part of Jason’s development on and off the field as a mentor and swing coach since he was 14.  It is an awesome feeling to see a young man achieve his childhood dream and be a part of it.
I get the opportunity to have the same influence on all of the Leaders in the L.E.A.D. organization.  Being successful is all about how you respond to support and resources provided by coaches, mentors, teachers, etc.
I am convinced that my leadership and influence works.  Jason makes that clear everytime he speaks about the team rather than himself.  He also makes it clear everytime he hits a Hey-Maker over the fence and sprints around the bases.
Jason serves as the Honorary Ambassador for L.E.A.D.  Not because of who he is but what he does.  He is just the example that we need to show our Leaders that striving for excellence in the classroom and on the field is the right choice. Jason isn’t perfect.  He is just Jason.
Actions speak louder than words.  If only Jason’s actions had a volume button so that they would get more attention throughout the country.  Being compassionate, selfless, focused, humble and disciplined is the new cool!