I love you Atlanta!

Love listens, encourages and makes sacrifices for others. I love Atlanta because it first loved me. 

On this Valentine Day, my gift to Atlanta is two additional teams (Jean Childs Young Middle School and Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School) in our L.E.A.D. Middle School Baseball Development League.  This addition allows 30 middle school males from the Atlanta Public School System to have access to my organization which has graduated 100% of our Ambassadors.  To date, all of our Ambassadors have enrolled in college and 87% of them have received a baseball scholarship. 

I listened to the cries of inner city high school males in 2007 and I answered with L.E.A.D.  I encourage my mentees by being a consistent and stable mentor. L.E.A.D. has remained a 12 month program of excellence since day one because the Atlanta Public School System was the same for me.  L.E.A.D. is my families legacy so it is only natural for us to make sacrifices for the city that raised me to be the leader that I am. 

I love you Kelli, Mackenzi and Mackenna!  I love you Atlanta!  I love you L.E.A.D. and our many supporters!

Happy Valentines Day!