I hear you talking but what are you saying?

Convolution is a word that I added to my vocabulary a year ago after reading a blog. It means to intentionally complicate something that is simple. Ironically, several days later I was at a Leadership Atlanta CEO Roundtable with AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega and asked him this question.

How do you combat convolution?
He responded that you combat it by being clear, concise and consistent. I thought to myself, that’s the solution that I’m looking for and then I realized that being clear, concise and consistent ain’t easy to do.

Clarity + Conciseness + Consistency = Simplicity

Communication isn’t just talking. It’s about understanding. Poor communication can make you vulnerable and being

vulnerable around the wrong people can make you prey.

What does good communication feel like?
Good communication feels like breathing air. You can see it,

Jon Johnson is a senior at Westlake High School

but you suffer when it’s not there.

Why do you need good communication in your life?
You need good communication in order to experience peace. Let your “yes” be your yes, and your “no” your no.

How do you maintain good communication?
You keep good communication going by asking SAQ’s (Should Ask Questions) and not FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Question). SAQ’s forces people to go deep. Convolutors win when simplicity is not demanded. For example:

FAQ: How do you feel about the situation at the office?
SAQ: What are 1-3 things that trigger a negative response for you at the office when you hear it and see it?

How do we avoid convolution? By being unwaveringly committed to being clear, concise and consistent with our communication.