I follow L.E.A.D.’s direction!

Going the L.E.A.D. direction has definitely molded me into a true Ambassador for the city of Atlanta as well as baseball.  I am a senior at Benjamin Elijah Mays High School and I have my eyes set on attending college upon graduation.  My short term goal is to be granted a collegiate baseball scholarship.  I will be visiting Grambling University March 18th-20th and planning visits to other universities in the near future.

After hearing words from our very own Ambassador Andrew Young, I realize even more that academics are the key to my success.  I work very hard in the classroom knowing that one day baseball on the field may be taken away.  I have come to gain more respect for the game of baseball now that I have seen the fields that Jackie Robinson played on through L.E.A.D.’s exposure opportunities.  Jackie Robinson opened the door for young men such as Jason Heyward of the Atlanta Braves and me.

Being able to talk to Jason Heyward who serves as L.E.A.D.’s Honorary Ambassador has helped me appreciate the game of baseball.  His talks have also empowered me as I move on to the next phase of my life as a college student/athlete.

There are many others who preach the L.E.A.D. direction that I am following such as the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Hank Aaron.  I know L.E.A.D.’s direction is right for me!
Desmond Stegall
2009-2011 L.E.A.D. Ambassador and Senior at Benjamin E. Mays High School