How the BCS and NFL playoffs are making me a better baseball coach

I’m watching this Packers/49’ers playoff game still upset about the Falcons dismal season. I saw a Facebook post last year that said that F.A.L.C.O.N.S. was an acronym that stands for Fans Always Left Counting On Next Season. I had to regretfully laugh at that one.

We are almost at the end of some amazing BCS games that showcased some of the top college football players in the nation. My wife Kelli and I have enjoyed all the intense games together. I’m predicting that the Seminoles will win the National Championship this year. Who you got?

All of the NFL playoff games have been thrillers as well. I’m hoping that Drew Brees and the Saints lose their swag. Yes I’m a hater!

I’m also a baseball guy that is learning how to coach from the college football and NFL coaches. I’m specifically paying attention to their calm and collective demeanor. These games have high implications and situations that I deem stressful but it doesn’t seem to phase these guys one bit.

I’ve been successfully developing baseball players through my for profit Diamond Directors for 15 years but I personally need to develop more patience as a coach. Crunch time in games cause me to stress which causes my players to stress.

As I make this self assessment, I am reminded that when you properly prepare for success there should be no stress. You can only control what you can control. Even losing the big games in the NFL causes organizations to go back to the drawing board to make the necessary adjustments. The Saints haven’t always played this good.

I have the Seahawks going all the way. Great players but even better coach in Pete Carroll.