Hope Full

I write this blog asking God to keep me strong to do His will day to day. I’m hopeful that He will continue to bless me while I bless others. To be hopeful is to trust. To trust in God. I remain hopeful that He will continue to use me to do big things.

There is a man sleeping on the streets of Atlanta that will close his eyes tonight with dreams of success just as clear as mine. He will rise tomorrow undefeated because of hope. He will remain strong because of that hope. 

There is a child that will take her last breath tonight in an Atlanta hospital dying from a terminal illness. She will go to sleep with a smile because of hope. To be absent from her body is to be present with the Lord. 

There is a mother that will cry herself to sleep tonight in Atlanta worrying that she may never see her only son alive again. Hope will wake her and remind her that He is in control. 

Hope is very under appreciated. I guess it’s because you can’t pay bills with hope. I guess it’s because hope doesn’t bring reality into plain sight as quickly as we would like. Hope has kept me sane as I have developed into a responsible man that cares a lot about others.  Hope makes me believe that I can continue to make a difference in the world. Hope has allowed us to graduate every Ambassador in our L.E.A.D. organization and send them to college while haters say that it can’t happen. 

Hope along with integrity, passion and genuine concern for others has been my peace in a selfish world. I hope for the best and continued success to you.