From the Mouths of Our Youth…What Humility Means To Ellis Prigge

Thank you Ellis for agreeing to participate in this interview. My goal is to gain a better understanding of what humility means so that I can be more humble and mentor others to be humble as well. I spend 80% of my day everyday developing youth. Your answers have really helped me.

Ellis Prigge raised over $100 at his school to donate to L.E.A.D.

C.J.: What does humility mean to you?
E.P.: Humility to me means someone who admits their mistakes and is not full of themselves.

C.J.: What is the opposite of humility?E.P.: The opposite of humility is someone that brags about themselves all the time.

C.J.: Who is the most humble person that you know? What makes them humble?E.P.: The most humble person I know is my mom because she always doing nice things for me and barely for herself.

C.J.: Why is it important to be humble?
E.P.: It is important to me to be humble (not everyone thinks it is important though) because it gives me confidence and confidence makes me better. I want people to be surprised when I do something great.

C.J.: Complete this sentence. If everyone in the world was humble, the world would be…
E.P.: Less showy, not trying to act like people they are not.

C.J.: How do you feel when people aren’t acting with humility around you?
E.P.: It makes me feel frustrated.

C.J.: Describe a situation that required you to be humble?
E.P.: When I was playing baseball in the summer and I hit a walk off it was hard not to brag.

C.J.: Describe a situation that requires you to be humble and you weren’t?
E.P.: I wasn’t humble when I had hit an inside the park home run and I was bragging and was full of myself.

C.J.: What percentage of people in the world are humble?
E.P.: I would say about 45%.

C.J.: What can schools do to help students be more humble?
E.P.: Schools can help by counseling, and teaching their is a lot more to life than just sports.

C.J.: What can parents do to help their children be more humble?
E.P.: Parents could help by maybe giving more discipline. Not focusing so much on winning, focus more about playing the game the right way. Act like you have been there before.

C.J.: Who’s the most humble MLB athlete?
E.P.: The most humble MLB player is Jason Heyward. But could a player be great and also be humble? Can entertainers be humble and still be successful?