Following Mendez: Perfect Game National Showcase Day 4

Mendez came out today locked in! In his first at bat, he hit a stand up triple facing a low 90’s fastball from a lefty.  When he hit the ball, all you heard from the scouts was “Whooo!”. Everything was perfect. Good timing and swing mechanics. On his second at bat, the middle infielders were playing at double play depth and he hit a hard ground ball up the middle and the shortstop was able to easily range to the ball to turn the double play.

The showcase is over for Mendez and he performed well against top tier national competition. He carried L.E.A.D. on his back this week. He has cut the trail for young baseball players from the Atlanta Public School System for years to come.

Mendez is heading to the beach tomorrow with his mom while Ben and I bake in the hot sun scouting players. L.E.A.D. Today…Change Tomorrow!