Following Mendez: Perfect Game National Showcase Day 1

Today’s flight to Ft. Myers from Atlanta was a quick 70 minute trip.  As we took off in the plane, I reminded myself that this is a part of the plan for L.E.A.D.  Our job is to get Atlanta inner city high school players to college.  Many critics feel that inner city Atlanta teens aren’t good enough to compete on the national stage.  Mendez is proving the critics wrong with every step that he takes to City of Palms Park in Ft. Myers for the Perfect Game National Showcase which is the spring training home of the Minnesota Twins.
I sat next to Felicia (Mendez mother) on the way down and we talked about how Atlanta was back in the day.  She was born and raised in Atlanta just like me and elated to be here to watch her son represent the Atlanta Public School System that she graduated from.
Crystal Giles hooked us up with an amazing hotel room so we will be able to sleep well and be rested for a full day tomorrow.  We are so fortunate to have a Publix next door.  I love those sandwiches.
There is so much work scouting work to be done out here for me that I had to bring in my trusty assistant Ben Wolosick with us.  There will be over 500 scouts in attendance tomorrow watching the top 150 players in America.
We are winding down for the night and Mendez is starting to relax.  He is so excited for obvious reason.  He will do well.  Tomorrow is scheduled to start at 9AM with orientation, BP and a 1PM game to follow.  Stay tuned for photos and my blog post tomorrow.  Good night from Ft. Myers, FL.