Following Mendez: East Coast Professional Showcase Day 4

Today, I watched Mendez take the best rounds of batting practice that I have ever seen from him.  The swing was efficient and he repeated it like a polished professional hitter.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to transfer it in the game because he wasn’t in the line up.

I’m sure that he was disappointed to not see his name in the starting lineup.  Tough competitors always want to get on the field.  I was very impressed to see him with a smile on his face throughout the entire game hopeful that he will be able to showcase the same swing from today on tomorrow.

The talent here is incredible making it hard to believe that these are high school kids.  One of the Colorado Rockies pitchers topped at 99MPH.  I believe that Mendez would have gotten good wood on the ball though.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow for Mendez.  He has worked hard for this moment.  Tomorrow is the last day at this showcase but he has gained a lot of experience here that will boost his development on and off the field.