Following Mendez: East Coast Professional Showcase Day 3

Today was an awesome day!  Mendez didn’t get an opportunity to play in the field but was the extra hitter.  He didn’t get a hit today going 0 for 2 but he made great adjustments at the plate.

For four years, we have been discussing the importance of playing under control.  With the stakes being so high at this MLB Showcase, it is easy to feel high levels of anxiety and nervousness.  Mendez put his emotions to the side today and accepted the fact that he is one of the top high school baseball players in America.  We are a long way from the finished product with Mendez but he is further along that most high school players.

He was so relaxed in the batters box today and I was internally saying to myself with each at bat how proud I was of him.

Baseball truly is the ultimate game of failure that measures success based on how much you fail.  Kind of weird when you think about it.  Major League scouts grade prospects on a 20-80 scale with a 50 score being major league average and 80 being off the charts.  Today, Mendez got an 80 for his ability to make adjustments.  Tomorrow is a new day and another opportunity to improve.