Discuss. Demand. Do.

From February through April, in the world of competitive baseball, players enter a critical phase of development. It is a time where habits are transformed into skills, and where the path to achieving goals begins to take shape. This period is not just about physical training; it’s about mindset, communication and proactive engagement with coaches.

At the heart of this transformational process lies the mantra: Discuss, Demand, Do.

Discuss Your Goals

The first step in this journey is open communication. During the November-January Build Phase, players and coaches laid the foundation for success by focusing on building habits and strength. Now, as the season approaches, it’s time to discuss goals for the upcoming months.

Whether aiming for college scholarships, professional contracts or simply playing for the joy of the game, every player’s aspirations are valid and deserve attention. By articulating their objectives, players gain clarity and direction, setting the stage for focused development.

Demand Competence from Coaches

It is not enough for coaches to merely guide players through drills and practices; they must be competent in understanding and supporting each player’s goals. Players should demand nothing less from their coaches. If a coach lacks the expertise needed to help a player reach their potential, they must be willing to seek out additional resources and support.

It is a two-way street of accountability and collaboration, with the player-coach relationship serving as the cornerstone of progress.

Do the Work

Ultimately, success in baseball, as in life, comes down to one thing: putting in the work. Once goals are set and support systems are in place, it’s up to the players to roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to achieve those goals. This means showing up to practice with determination and focus, pushing oneself beyond comfort zones, and maintaining a relentless pursuit of improvement.

Success is not given; it’s earned through dedication and hard work.

For some players, the goal may be to improve teamwork skills or simply to experience the feeling of achievement on the field. Regardless of the specific objectives, the path to success remains the same: Discuss, Demand, Do. It’s a mindset that empowers players to take ownership of their development, demand excellence from their support network, and ultimately, achieve their dreams on the baseball diamond.

So, as February turns to April, let’s embrace this transformational journey and turn our baseball aspirations into reality.

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C.J. Stewart has built a reputation as one of the leading professional hitting instructors in the country. He is a former professional baseball player in the Chicago Cubs organization and has also served as an associate scout for the Cincinnati Reds. As founder and CEO of Diamond Directors Player Development, C.J. has more than 22 years of player development experience and has built an impressive list of clients, including some of the top young prospects in baseball today. If your desire is to change your game for the better, C.J. Stewart has a proven system of development and a track record of success that can work for you.