Catching Dreams at Atlanta Public Schools

Fall is officially here tomorrow and a drastic change of weather will follow. This is that time of year when I catch colds.

Rendell Jackson, Atlanta Public Schools Office of Athletics and I visited Bazoline E. Usher/Collier Height Elementary School this morning and got a tour of the building from Principal Gregory Parks and Assistant Principal Jerry Parker III. I was able to catch some dreams today.

Mr. Parks is full of energy and believes in creating a first class learning experience for the students, parents and teachers. This isn’t a school, this is a place where students dream and the staff makes them come true. The full reality hasn’t been revealed yet but I’m drinking the “Kool-Aid”. Thousands of students will graduate in the future from APS high schools coming from Usher/Collier Heights Elementary School. 
Next week, the students will beautify the school by planting flowers at the entrance of the school. I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty with them. They also have a dynamic leadership academy that allows life to be spoken to the young men in the mornings before school. I will be a part of that inspiration beginning next month. I’m looking forward to being empowered.
Principal Parks truly cares about his staff. He has an on site fitness center for them. That is awesome.
The thing that really blew me away is his vision to utilize large space in the rear of the school for a golf driving range. Now that is creative. The students will be able to develop an athletic skill that can open so many doors for education and exposure. 
I am a “Dream Catcher” so being at Usher/Collier Heights Elementary was empowering to me. Atlanta Public Schools will once again rise as a district of academic and athletic excellence. It requires the creativity and a “make it happen” attitude from its leaders.

One of many words of inspiration throughout B.E. Usher Elementary School.

May God bless you Principal Parks and Mr. Parker. You are doing a great thing for our city.